Vibe Rite

Veteran-Owned Business

A Holistic Approach to Marijuana Medicine.

Vibe Rite started as a concept in the mountains of Afghanistan by our primary owner Johnny, his vision and energy were met with equal enthusiasm by partners Danielle and Clint as the concept grew into a holistic approach to marijuana medicine. Johnny, Danielle, and Clint emerged from the midst of Afghanistan with one quest, create a brand that stands for quality and good vibes. The entire Vibe Rite staff are comprised of family and friends who share in the vision and are committed to the goal of good vibes. As a veteran owned business, we strive for consistent quality in every bite or puff as our brothers and sisters in arms rely on our products to calm and center them. This does not exclude the general public as we want to ensure you have access to everything we are able to provide and share in getting your vibe rite. We love and support all who join us on this path.

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