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Ideation Consulting Edward Jay Outdoor Grow

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Outdoor Grow

In the four short years since medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma, the industry has exploded and made a lot of people a lot of money, while helping millions of Oklahomans better manage their medical problems. 

Now, to enter the growing industry and succeed, you need a great location and a great operation.

  • 25- 70’x 5’ raised planting beds, with trellis supports 
  • Full 6 zone automated irrigation system with nutrient feed system using drip irrigation method.
  • Full fenced 8’ chain link 
  • Camera system over field 
  • 10’x20’ lockable green house for plant prep work. 
  • All maintenance equipment: mower, weed eater, tiller included 
  • Water source is 10,000 gallon rain water collection system from home. Back feed by city water.

White Building

This Broken Arrow marijuana grow farm, listed exclusively with Ideation Consulting’s Edward Jay, is the perfect location to launch or expand your medical marijuana operation.

  • 2 Story: 18,600 Sq ft. all metal building.
  • 12,600 Sq Ft. Slab Level
  • 15,000 Sq Ft. m/l area for plants: clone, vegl, flower.
  • 80% production / 20% non-production area.
  • Double metal panel walls and ceiling, Spray foam insulated, Epoxy  covered floors.
  • All metal racking systems.  
  • Geothermal Heating and cooling. with Hot gas reheat for dehumidification.
  • Use river water to cool  Geo heat exchanger and return to river. 
  • Building can handle 1,600 amps 3 phase 480v. 3 times this is available on the property.
  • Each grow room is 2 story, 6 total, 24- 4×8 growing trays per room.
  • 48 – 800w Flower specific grow lights per room.
  • 18  circulating fans per room.  
  • Drip irrigation system controlled by each level, drains to floor trench drains.
  • In ground 40,000-gallon water collection system.
  • Collect all condensate from HVAC systems and  rainwater from roof.
  • Dual stage water filter system to reuse water for plants. 
  • Separate Veg room for up to 2058 veg plants at one time.
  • Cloning space of over 2,000 clones at one  time. 
  • Veg room 50 – 400w LED veg specific grow lights.
  • 20 – 400w LED veg specific grow lights for mothers  and clones. 
  • Water system with nutrient mixing tanks for each room, with electronic controlled irrigation  system. 
  • Separate temperature and humidity controlled drying room.  
  • Separate trimming room. 
  • All mechanical and electrical equipment is exposed for easy service. 
  • Green house area, 18- 600w LED grow lights.
  • Ceiling circulation fans, Separate irrigation system,  separate Geo-thermal heating and cooling system,
  • Plumbed for radiant floor heat. 
  • 2- 40ft storage containers for material storage.
Ideation Consulting Edward Jay Garage & Shop

Fully Insulated Garage & Shop

Green Building Grow

  • One flower room, 20’x24’, 16 vented 1000w HID lights, on light rack. 
  • 8- 4×8 rolling grow tables 
  • Room exhaust system 
  • One veg Area 6 CFL lights, 3 4×8 rolling tables 
  • One 5 ton dedicated HVAC system 
  • One Quest 225 dehumidifier 
  • 2 -100p/d free standing dehumidifiers 
  • One 100 GPH RO water filter.  
  • Irrigation system

Additional Green Building Features

  • 3 Seedling grow tents, with mutli tray racks.  
  • Dozen circulation fans 
  • One power debudder 
  • 2- Centurion wet trimming machines 
  • Dozen drying racks.
Ideation Consulting Edward Jay Green Building Grow

25 - 70’ x 5’ Raised Planting Beds

Residential Area

  • Home 4950 / sqft
    • Living area 2445 (downstairs)
    • Living area 750 (upstairs)
    • Front garage 375
    • Rear shop 1200
    • Porch 180
  • Home, shop & garage have heat / air
    • Geothermal HVAC System
      • Humidifier & electronic air cleaner
      • Zone control system (every room has a T-stat)


  • LEED Green building standards (SILVER LEVEL)
  • Full foam insulation
  • Energy star windows
  • Rainwater reclamation system
  • Stained concrete floor
  • Steel I-beams
  • Steel sub-frame
  • Wood truss built on an engineered joist layout system
  • Utilities
    • All electric: Avg. less than $200 / month
    • City water
Ideation Consulting Edward Jay Tall Ceilings

Tall Ceilings

Stained Concrete Floors

Huge Open Floor Design

  • Huge open floor design, with very tall ceilings
  • High energy efficiency construction, Low VOC materials.
  • Geothermal Heating and Air conditioning.
  • Total electric home, average electric bill $180 per month. High was $218
  • Zone control HVAC.
  • A thermostat in every room.
  • Whole home electronic air cleaner.
  • Massive utility storage area. 
  • Whole house water filter system 
  • 10,000 gallon Rainwater collection system with pump for garden area 
  • Home has fiber optic internet 
  • Cell phone amplifier for great phone reception. 
  • Home prewired for multiple TV and sound systems locations 
  • Media room could be retro fitted into a bedroom. Headers for windows are already built into the  exterior wall. 
  • Master suite has large closets, double copper sinks, large shower, and free standing antique soaking  tub, with several built-in draw units and an entertainment center with electric fireplace.

Rustic Modern Kitchen

  • Built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator 
  • Built in double oven 
  • Granite kitchen counters 
  • Large double apron kitchen sink w/ GD 
  • Dishwasher 
  • Free standing Elvira cook stove 
  • Built in platform for front loading washer and dryer 
  • Large walk-in food pantry
Ideation Consulting Edward Jay Rustic Modern Kitchen

Free Standing Elvira Cook Stove

Built-in Sub-Zero Fridge

Ideation Consulting Edward Jay Spacious Master Suite

Entertainment Center

Electric Fireplace

Spacious Master Suite

  • Large Closets
  • Double Copper Sinks
  • Large Shower
  • Free Standing Antique Soaking Tub
  • Built-in Drawer Units
  • Entertainment Center
  • Electric Fireplace

Energy Efficient, Low VOC

  • Spray foam insulated with additional foam board and radiant barrier siding 
  • Steel Beam interior construction, walls and roof. 
  • Arkansas yellow pine ¾” T&G siding used on interior 
  • Steel beams enclosed with full 1 by pine boards 
  • Stained concrete floors 
  • Western cedar plank siding exterior 
  • Energy Star rated windows, Anderson, and Pella.  
  • Passive Solar heating design
  • 40 year 26ga Metal Roof
  • Fully insulated Garage and Shop. 
  • 15×25 garage heated and cooled 
  • 20×60 shop, heated and cooled 
  • 3 shop/ garage doors with openers 
  • Both Shop and garage have built in storage shelving.
Ideation Consulting Edward Jay Energy Efficient, Low VOC

Steel Beam Interior

40 Year 26GA Metal Roof

Edward Jay

Commercial Sales & Acquisitions Director
USAF/VET | MBA | Lean 6 Sigma
Mobile: (918) 232-2389

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